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Spongy Wonder

Spongy Wonder's Neoprene Seat Covers

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“How do I pick my size?”

- If your weight is 200lbs + you will want a large size.
- If your weight is 150 – you will want a small size.
- Ladies with ‘hourglass curves should consider a large.
- Ladies 150 – 200 will want a large unless tall and/or athletic.
- 150–200lbs size depends fitness level + height and age.
- ‘Old fart’ like me? No longer have awesome glutes? Large.

You need our MK11 Series if you have a

- Brompton
- a seat post clamp with one horizontally oriented bolt
- a seat post clamp with two vertically oriented bolts
- a seat clamp that will only accept a 7mm seat rail size
- a Peloton, or some other fancy-ass interior torture device


The Spongy Wonder Large Noseless Bike Saddle protects tailbone, perineum, prostate, and ‘everything else’ health as a result of our adjustable dual platform design. Both male and female cyclists enjoy complete comfort and Zero bicycle seat induced health damage.

Spongy Wonder’s Large Noseless Bike Saddle is made in Canada by master metal-smiths applying old-school technology to advanced American materials. The result is a fully customizable, upgradeable, adjustable, virtually indestructible, and performance ready comfortable bike seat. This is not the last bike saddle you will ever buy as you will want more for your other bikes, and for family and friends! Might just as well buy two or more and get the deal!

Shipping & Returns

In the extreme remote possibility that we have failed you, our return date is June 15th 2022! You must return by post office, and write “Canadian Goods Being Returned” several places on the box. We do not refund shipping, and we do not accept returns from FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. 

Our address is:      Spongy Wonder Inc., 2 Woodside Dr., Riverview, NB,  E1B 4G9, Canada

Our diver’s neoprene noseless bike seat covers give Spongy Wonder Noseless Bike Seat Riders the opportunity to 'leave no stone unturned' in finding the perfect ride. By adding the covers our riders now have the option between a rubberized textured surface and a smoother cloth one so that they may have choice in order to customize their rides for any factor: garment, terrain, weather, and/or style of riding.

Kevin O’Leary’s (The Shark Tank and  The Dragon’s Den)  reaction to Spongy Wonder’s provocatively comfortable bike seat.